RSJoomla releases RSMediaGallery R2 Update

RSJoomla has released a new update to RSMediaGallery!

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RSFirewall Joomla Security Extension Review

In this video I review the component call RSFirewall by This component is used to block hackers from getting into your website. in this video I run through the backend administrator of Morris firewall and show you some of the features. Some of the more impressive features are blocking by country, blocking by IP address and automatic blacklisting.

If you were interested in having RS firewall installed on your Joomla! website, go to and contact us for more information. Would be happy to help you secure your Joomla website.

Joomla! website maintenance plans from

We are proud to offer website maintenance plans for Joomla! websites. If you have a Joomla! website the toasted with HubuMedia, purchase one of these maintenance packages and you will get the hourly assistance based on your package along with off-site backups. If you're struggling learning how to use Joomla!, one of these packages can help you get up and running quickly.

Making changes to your new Joomla! website can also be a tricky task if you're not familiar with Joomla!. By backing up your website once a month you have a copy of the website that will allow you to revert back to a previous version.

Click here to view the HubuMedia website maintenance packages for Joomla!.

HubuMedia offers affordable Joomla website design packages for small businesses

We are happy to announce HubuMedia Joomla! websites design packages for small businesses. If you are a company that needs a manageable website for your small business, then the website design packages are great place to start. We offer three different levels of website packages for you to choose from.

The starter level will get you up and running with a content management website quickly. The standard and advanced package allows for more flexibility, more menu items and content. Take a look at the Joomla! website design package page on for more information.

HubuMedia at comic con New York City

They everybody, I just wanted to let you all know that HubuMedia will be traveling to New York City tomorrow to visit one of our best clients, Smith Micro. Makers of Anime Studio. Smith micro just came out with a new version of their software and HubuMedia assisted them in coming up with some new designs.  Were very proud to be a part of their team of friends helping to make a better product for all. One of the HubuMedia team members, Vernon is a Anime Studio professional user. He knows the software inside and out and can think outside the box when it comes to new scripts and uses for Anime Studio.

Vern will be giving a demonstration on some of the new features of the latest version or Anime Studio. I will be taking photos and videos for you guys to check out later on. I'll also be tweeting during the whole day keeping you up-to-date on some of the latest greatest things at comic con.

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you at comic con in New York City tomorrow.

Backing up your iPad and iPhone photos with made Easy! just came out with a new application for the iPhone and iPad. This allows you to easily backed up all of your photos without any thought involved. Read this article to learn how you can get a secondary backup of all of your photos from your iPad and iPhone safely up to the cloud. PS, when you go to signup for the service, I recommend the Unlimited plan. Its not much more and you won't have to worry about any limits on your backups

I've done the research for you. Now make sure you get your computer back up. Click on the link for or any one of the links in this article and you will be using my affiliate link to set up your new account.

Don't wait until your phone gets busted or lost. I would like to say, "Yes, I  signed up for so my files are safe!"

Thanks for listening now go back up your stuff!

John Hubickey

New version of Folding@Home client Control Panel

Hi everyone, I don't know if you are aware but it HubuMedia team has been running the folding at home software on many of our computers. If you don't know what folding at home is, it is a program that allows Stanford University to utilize your unused processor to fold proteins in the search for diseases. Myself and other members of the HubuMedia folding team have been doing this for over three years now.

Here is a link to our folding at home webpage where you can find out more information.

If you have a computer that is just sitting around not doing much most of the time, consider joining the HubuMedia folding at home team. Our team number is 59438.

The Latest Version of RSFormsPro provides PDF Support

The long awaited PDF generation plugin from RSJoomla for RSFormsProis here. It is designed to generate PDF files that include submission information. The PDF files can then be attached to the built-in User and Admin e-mails or published on the website using our RSForm!Pro List Submissions Module.

If you need PDF Generation from form data on your website, contact HubuMedia for assistance.

RSBlog versus the standard Joomla! Blog Category Layout

HubuMedia has recently switched over from the standard Joomla! category blog layout to RSblogs. This new blogging module from RSJoomla! has many benefits. Some of the benefits are showing a tag cloud, a module with the most popular articles including showing the amount of hits. Basically RSJoomla provides a lotmore flexibility than Joomlas category blog layout.

I have also found that after posting to RSBlog, it gets indexed by google a lot faster than the standard Joomla post. If you need a great blog component for Joomla, contact HubuMedia and we will help you get it installed and setup on your Joomla website.

The Walking Dead Petco Park 2012 Zombie Run - San Diego Comic-Con 2012

this year during comic con 2012 in San Diego, there was a zombie survival Ron at Petco Park. Since we didn't have tickets for every day of comic-con I decided that this would be an awesome thing to do. I mounted up both of my GoPro HREO2 cameras, one to my head and the other one to my chest and recorded the entire zombie survival run.

the running from zombies and attempting to not be infected was a challenge. But it was great training for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed zombie survival run!

2012 Comic-Con San Diego Video GoPro HERO2 Exhibit floor

I went to the 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego and put on my GoPro HERO2 camera while walking around the exhibit floor

Comic-Con 2012 HubuMedia Update day 2

Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 was a blast. Holy mackeral there was so much to do. The first attack wave we split up and shoot for the Comic-Con exclusives. Exclusive are new toys and products they only give out at Comic-Con. We were able to get what we came for, unfortunately I can't talk about things that we picked up because they are going to be gifts for friends. Mwaaa, ha ha ha.

After we picked up the exclusives, I went and dropped everything off back at the room. One of the new services i used this year at Comic-Con great things is the bag check. You can fill an entire bag of Comic-Con crap for only two dollars. As much stuff as you can fit in one of the giant bags. Best dear around.
Preparing for Operation Comic-Con.

Wandering around comic con takes skill as well as specific tactical training. You need to know where you want to go and what you want to see in advance, especially if you have only two days versus the entire four days. Unfortunately this year we only got tickets for two of the dates.

Next year we are going to be extremely prepared and have multiple computers at the ready to get tickets. But then again I always say this.We got to spend a good amount of time wandering around the exhibit floor. We saw plenty of cool stuff and the idea is to make sure you get to see as much as possible on the first day.  I went by the walking dead booth and as I was walking by I saw Robert Kirkman. He was right next to me so I said "Hey, Robert Kirkman! "He looked at me and said "Hi", I held my hand out to shake his hand, he was very gracious and give me a firm handshake.  I told them I was a big fan and that was it. Sometimes I feel a little weird saying hello to a celebrity but sometimes it's just something you have to do. I always feel that I need to respect their personal space but in this case I was like holy crap, this is Robert Kirkman, Creator of The Walking Dead. Super Awesome!!!

He was going to be doing signings as well but unfortunately they sold out before I could get any. there's always next Comic-Con. Maybe NYC?

The people that dress up for Comic-Con 2012 are absolutely amazing. Here you can see a photo gallery of some of the best costumes and characters seen on Thursday. (posted as soon as I get home)

So after a while browsing all of the great comic schwag, it was time to go see the Psych panel. The line was stupid long. When I mean stupid long I mean absolutely ridiculously longer than long. The line was so long that by the time you get done reading the article you'll still have to go another mile and a half to get to the end of the line. that's just one of the things you need to be prepared for when you go. You're definitely going to wait in line. Make sure you bring snacks in your backpack as well as a few bottles of water. It's important to stay hydrated. You got to hydrate! ( video will be posted of line length )
The next part about waiting in line at comic con is the importance of making line friends. If for some reason you get stuck by yourself for a while you need to have a line friend in order to save your place.

When you're waiting in line, it's also good time to rest and put down all your stuff, sit on the ground and just relax. when the line starts moving, be prepared to move. Don't hold up people behind you and stay orderly.
As you approach the entrance to the hall, once you get in make sure you have your cell phone light ready so you can see where you're going. You need to find a seat immediately. Get situated and enjoy the panel.Yesterday the psych panel was very entertaining. We had a great time they showed some awesome videos of all of the episodes in one giant 200 second segment. It always makes me want to go back and watch all the episodes over again.

At this point it was time to leave, take some of the stuff back to the apartment and get some food. We went back drop the stuff off, relaxed for a bit and then went back out for dinner. On the way down to the restaurant I walked by Felicia Day on the street and said,"Oh my God! Felicia Day, I love you!"and then she was like "Hi". I know that seems super cheesy but I thought I was pretty cool. If you don't know who Felicia Day is, she is the producer of The Guild as well as Dr. horrible's sing-along blog.

Another guy we found at  Comic-Con was Stan Yan. Stan is a supertalented artist who will take a photo of you and turn you into a zombie. is something that I had to do. If you are interested in getting your self drawn as a zombie here is a link to Stan's website. Stop putting stupid photos of yourself up on Facebook and go zombiefied! He doesn't even charge that much for the photos and if you love zombies as much as I do then I would send him an email.That's the update for now. I will be working on video editing on the plane to get the video up as fast as possible.

Comic-Con 2012 HubuMedia Report, The Walking Dead Booth

John Hubickey gives you a quick video report from Comic-Con 2012. The Walking Dead Booth.

Comic-Con July 11 HubuMedia update

Comic-Con report by John Hubickey,
So I am sitting on the plane, 8:51 am looking over the Comic-Con schedule for Thursday and Sunday. Unfortunately we only got tickets for those two days. Friday and Saturday got sold out online before we were able to get the full package. 

So far I found the following panels I will be attending or attempting to attend on Thursday.

10:30 am to 11:30 am, room 6bcf:  Battle Star: So say we all in 

2:15 pm to 3:15pm, room 20:  Psych panel

3:45 pm to 4:45 pm, room 6a, The Walking Dead comics

4pm to 5pm, room 5ab, Time travel, science fact or science fiction

6pm to 7 pm, indago ballroom. riff tracks live7pm to 8 pm, room 7ab, History of the modern zombie

8pm to 9pm, room 7ab, zombies, vampires and wear wolves on trial

Or 8:30 pm to 10 pm, room 6bcf, Doctor horribles sing along blog

There will really be so much to do it will be ridiculous but I'll do my best to get as much in as possible. Of corse I will keep everyone posted via twitter. Follow me on twitter name HubuMedia and Hubukai. All postings, videos and everything will be put up on

Preparations begin for Comic-Con 2012

Tomorrows flight for San Diego Comic-Con leaves at 6:30 am. Tonight I will be packing all camera equipment including two GoPro HERO2 cameras for the Zombie Survival Run at PetCo Park. Follow me on Twitter for the latest Comic-Con 2012 updates. My Twitter names are HubuMedia and Hubukai! Comic-Con 2012, here we come!

HubuMedia website improvements

Many people think that a lot of websites don't improve often. Feeling changes you might see would be new postings or some graphical updates. A new blog posting might be something interesting to read but it might be a little bit more interesting to make that posting if you could just send it to your website in an email.

This blog post happens to be sent to our website through email. Once the email is sent, the website scans the email and then automatically post it to the blog section. Another thing that simplifies this blog posting is the fact that I'm dictating it right now. I'm actually dictating it using my iPad. For me, this is helpful. I'm not the fastest typer in the world and being able to use dictation to put text on a page really speeds things up for me. Although dictation isn't perfect, it sure makes putting a bunch of text on a page a lot faster.

As technology progresses, so will dictating directly to a computer. Now I don't want to make this article about dictation, and what I really want to make it about is the fact that I'm dictating to my iPad and then sending this as an email which my website will then create a blog post from.

To me, that is very powerful. So many of my clients are not very excited about logging into a website to make changes. But everyone in the world is very happy with sending email. It seems like we've all been doing it forever. Making things easier for our clients is what HubuMedia is all about. Learning, experimenting and trying out new technologies to makes things flow faster and simplify processes is what we like to do.

If I'm lucky, I will send this email, turn off my iPad and go to sleep and when I wake up, I'll see this blog post on our website. I have a feeling it will happen. Thanks for reading and if you're looking for a blog website for yourself and you wanted to be easy to update then I would suggest giving us a call at 888-904-8444 and we be happy to help.

John Hubickey

PS. It works great!

YooTheme customization for your website. HubuMedia customizes YooTheme themes for you. is an awesome company that produces very professional looking templates for Joomla and Wordpress.  Small businesses as well as individuals can utilize these themes to create a new, fresh looking website for their business. While YooTheme makes beautiful themes, sometime customization of these themes are needed to suit your business or brand.

Customizing a YooTheme theme for your company isin't as easy as you might think. It takes advanced knowledge of CSS, graphics design and Joomla to mold a YooTheme to have a custom look and feel.

YooTheme Customization and Website Design - is a Joomla website development company based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania

HubuMedia Recommends - A cloud based backup solution


I've spoken with a lot of people about what they do for a backup solution for their files. Read my reccomendations for the safety of your files.

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What are Google+ Business Pages? Review

Google just came out with Google plus pages for business. Watch my Video Review!

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HubuMedia at the Malvern Harvest Family Festival

This past weekend, HubuMedia was at the Malvern Harvest Family Festival and Paws in the Park fair.

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