Many small businesses and companies have websites running on the Joomla content management system. Every so often it’s necessary to actually convert a website from one content management system to another.  This could be for search engine optimization purposes or other features of a different content management system such as WordPress.

If your existing website is a Joomla website and you would like to migrate over to WordPress, this can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start. If you have a large number of articles in your Joomla website, you probably do not want to copy and paste the content from one content management system to another. That can be a very tedious process! The same thing goes with the images on the website. Copying the images from the Joomla website and then importing them into a new WordPress website can be time-consuming and cause website issues.

HubuMedia has years of experience working with both Joomla websites and WordPress websites. If you are in need of converting your Joomla website over to WordPress then we would be happy to help you with this process. Not only can HubuMedia help you convert your existing Joomla website to a WordPress website, we can make sure that all of the plug-ins and components on the new website are up to date. We can also make recommendations on additional components that may benefit your business or organization.

If you need to switch over to WordPress from a Joomla website, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you with this process. During the migration process, we can also make a recommendation on speed improvements for your website and search engine optimization improvements as well.

HubuMedia has helped companies switch their website content management system from Joomla to WordPress; feel free to contact us using the form or give us a call at  (888) 904–8444.

We are here to help you with Joomla to WordPress migrations.

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