Writing content for your website is extremely important. Content can make or break your website. Having a weekly blog and writing about topics that are important to your business and posting them on your website for people to see is the way to get more views on your website and drive more traffic.

How you write the article that you’re about to post on your website and how you included in your website is extremely important. When writing, many business individuals are used to using Microsoft Word. It’s the easiest word processor for them to get their ideas down on paper. A lot of company owners will ask their employees to write newsletters for the website and these newsletters are usually typed in word and then sent to an individual that will paste that content from that Word document into the website for all to view.

The one thing you do not want to do is copy content from a Word document and pasted directly into your Joomla! or WordPress site. You’re probably asking why this is. Well, I’m about to show you. Microsoft Word currently uses its own type of backend code, basically HTML code to format the document you’re looking at as you’re working on it in Microsoft Word. The copy and paste command auto PC or Mac does not differentiate between HTML text in Word and plaintext in a word. The result of copying what seems to be just text from a Word document actually includes all of the Microsoft HTML for the formatting of that text. Even though it’s not visible to you when you are using the copy command, you are actually copying additional code that Microsoft would use to maintain the formatting of its text.

When working on a website, this additional code from a Word document is not what you want to include in the articles of your website. Here’s an example of code copied from a Microsoft Word document.

This is an example of code that I am putting into a Microsoft Word document that I will copy from the document using the copy command to paste into my website. As you can see the actual code included when I do the copy command is visible here. I am also adding some underlines and some bold areas as well as formatted text to share you additional Microsoft word code.

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