Many people have a small business website that they spend quite a bit of time optimizing as well writing content to promote their business. No matter whether you or website is designed with a content management system such as Joomla! or WordPress is an important thing to make sure that your website is backed up. Just like your photos at home on your computer, the data on your website is just as important and valuable for your business. It’s important to keep that data backed up.

You shouldn’t rely on your Internet service provider to have a backup of that data. I’ve had to call hosting companies and request a website recovery backup from a week or two ago and they literally only have a backup from yesterday or a month ago. Not exactly what you want. If something happens to your website.

Whether you lose, images or some other content you want to make sure that you can restore what you have at any given point. What we recommend is nightly database backups for content management systems such as Joomla or WordPress and weekly backups for files and the public HTML directory.

Typically database backups are very small and to do a nightly backup is a very quick thing for the server to do running a Cron job to backup the database and beam it off site using FTP to a remote server.

HubuMedia makes sure that all of our clients websites are safe by doing remote, nightly and weekly website off-site backups.

As a small business owner, this is just another thing that you don’t need to worry about. If you’ve had issues with your site data, or better yet, if you haven’t and you want to make sure that your website is safe, give HubuMedia a call or contact us via our contact form and will be happy to help you get started with daily and weekly backups for your website.

HubuMedia has expertise in Cron Job Backups as well as Akeeba Backups.

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