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Another one of my early posters and one of my absolute favorites. I really went over the top working on this one.

During the design process I found an absolutely gorgeous photo online of handcuffs. I tried to contact the person who took the photo so I could get permission to use it in the poster and possibly get a higher resolution image. I never got a response and I didn't want to use it without permission or use the low resolution image.

I was not going to spend money on stock photos even if I could find one that worked with my layout. All the other images used were from my own stock photo collection and I had rights to use them, but I couldn't find the exact handcuffs I needed. They created the perfect "d" and "P" shape I wanted and fit the plot.

My solution? 3D. It was a very extreme solution for such a low budget (no budget) one off project but I just couldn't resist. Using image references I modeled and textured a 3D version of the handcuffs and chains from scratch. I think the final result was worth the extra effort, PLUS I was able to pose the handcuffs in the correct position for the layout.

The left image is the original photograph. The middle and right image are the 3D handcuffs.