Website Maintenance Basic Plan – $99 / Month

One hour of work per month

With the Basic Maintenance Plan, you get 1 hour of website design and development work every month. A weeklyW maintenance plan can help you get simple tasks done on your site quickly and easily by having HubuMedia perform tasks such as formatting images, adding or editing articles. This time, can also be used to contact HubuMedia by phone or email for help or instructions in using Joomla to make your updates or blog posts.

Weekly Website Offsite Backups*

Weekly website backups are just as important as regular computer backups. We make sure to complete a full backup of your site every month. This backup includes all files on the server as well as the database containing all of the site settings and database resources. This backup can be used to restore your site to a previous state in case of accidental content deletions or any other occurrences that may cause loss of content. You may also request a backup before the regular weekly backup if you are planning to make extensive changes on your own and want to have a backup as a safety net before you start. HubuMedia will also do a backup before making any significant or extensive changes to the site based on support requests.

*Regular automatic weekly backups are based on hosting your website on our servers. Due to this requirement, if your website is hosted on another web hosting service, HubuMedia may not be able to provide the monthly backup service. Since HubuMedia still requires your web hosting service control panel (Cpanel) login information to complete other website updates and content changes, we may be able to set up a backup schedule remotely. This would have to be determined based on your website hosting plan with your service provider.

Content Management System and Extension Updates

WordPress and Joomla, like any software, require regular updates. These updates are critical as they often fix issues and contain security patches for your protection. With the Standard Maintenance Plan, we will provide updates to your website and any third-party WordPress or Joomla extensions. If you are using any paid extensions for your site and those extensions require purchasing a subscription, HubuMedia will order the paid extension for you and include it in an invoice with a description of what that paid extension does. Routine WordPress and Joomla updates only include “minor” updates within a “major” version. Major upgrades may require additional time and effort and will include an additional charge. The time and costs associated with a major upgrade vary based on each website and will be determined at the time the update is needed or requested.

Support Ticket Response Time

After receiving your support ticket request, HubuMedia will evaluate the time required for completion and send you a response as soon as possible. We typically attempt to take care of any support issues as quickly as possible. If your support request comes in during nonbusiness hours, we will try to analyze and take care of your support request the next business day. For our basic website maintenance plan, the response time will not be more than two days.

Completion Time

Completion time for support requests will are based on the following criteria:

  1. Order of submission (first come first serve)
  2. The time required for completing the requested work
  3. Your maintenance plans level

After prioritizing all of our support requests based on these criteria, we will estimate the time of completion for each request. Requests will not take longer than three business days. If more than three days is required or your request exceeds the available plan time, we will contact you.

Additional work at $100/hr

If the work you need to exceeds the time available in your maintenance plan, it’s not a problem. We can bill you at our standard hourly work rate of $100 an hour. If you continue to exceed the allotted time, you may want to upgrade your maintenance plan.

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