The Precision Kettlebells Boot Camp Website Project

The Challenge

Precision kettlebells needed a website that they could display their schedule on as well as information on their fitness program and boot camp.

The Solution

HubuMedia built a website for precision kettle bells that allowed them to update clients fitness information, show class scheduling information and allow clients to write reviews on the website. The website was built using the Joomla content management system and is continually updated by Mike Barbato at precision kettlebells.

I have tried to make my own website before with those free online people, but it's just not right. It never really made me happy. But I really didn't have the money to hire an expensive web designer. I needed something that would keep my prospects on my site and make them want to come back.  And trust me, cheap, thrown together website won't keep people interested.

So I found HubuMedia.

I know nothing about web design or how it works and they said "that's fine, this is why we are here". After sitting down with John and telling him, in detail, what I want and what I need, He said, "No Problem".

Ever since then I have had loads of new clients and people who actually spend time on my website. John made my site very user friendly and I get a lot of positive feedback from people.

So I just want to thank John and HubuMedia Team for creating and maintaining my new AWESOME Website.

Precision Kettlebells, LLC
Phone:: 610-636-7087

Michael Barbato RKC

Owner, Precision Kettlebells

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