The Tree Connection Website Project

The Challenge

Ryan owner of The Tree Connection needed a website that would help him grow his business.  Initially when the project started there was no website at all and everything needed to be built from scratch.

The Solution

HubuMedia helped to Ryan by initially developing his website designed a brand-new logo for his company. The tree connection logo on the website also extends to his business cards as well as his vehicles for his tree services.  HubuMedia also assisted in setting up the email for the company as well as website hosting on HubuMedia servers.

John (and HubuMedia) covers all the major adjectives that we all are looking for; quality, excellence, professional, reasonable price, knowledgeable etc. But that's not what sets them apart, it's the passion they have for their work. Coming from a business owners perspective, when you love what you do it comes out and shows in your detail and customers service. John wants to build relationships with his clients by treating people fairly, working hard and yes, using a whole lot of computer knowledge and creativity.

That's what makes HubuMedia special.  Thanks for everything John!

Ryan Sipple

Owner, The Tree Connection, The Tree Connection

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